Coloring Book - Free Android App

Coloring book app provides free coloring pages for kids and young adults so that they can color the pictures by touching the screen.
Coloring pages are not only fun and amusing but also a great way to enhance conceptual understanding of children, developing their cognitive abilities and improve their imagination.
Children are often more interested in coloring books rather than using other learning methods; pictures may also be more memorable than simply words.
Coloring books are also said to help to motivate students’ understanding of concepts that they would otherwise be uninterested in.


  • 100 free and fun pictures to color
  • Easy tap and color functionality
  • Simple navigation to browse and select pictures
  • Zooming and dragging functionality to color even small areas
  • Saving your colored picture in your device

Please download “Coloring Book” now and try something new on your mobile.

Domestic Cat Breeds

With “Domestic Cat Breeds” app you can browse more than 55 domestic cat breeds and test your knowledge by taking short quizzes. The built in quiz functionality helps you to challenge yourself and test your knowledge of cat breeds.
This new app has been created for all cat enthusiasts and pet lovers who want to know more about different breed of cats. Simply select any cat breed from the list and review their characteristics.
If you love your cat and wants to know what other domestic cat breeds exist this App is just for you.
Download “Domestic Cat Breeds” now and start learning.
- Browse more than 55 domestic cat breeds
- Review each breed’s characteristics
- Quiz to test your knowledge and help with your learning

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Dog Breeds - Android Mobile App

Dog Breeds is a free app that lets you browse and review more than 170 dog breeds and test your knowledge. Simply select any dog breed from the list and read a short description and learn what you always wanted to discover about that breed.
You can also test your knowledge by taking the quiz.
Number of quiz questions and dog breeds category can be easily changed from setting menu.
This new app is designed for dog enthusiasts who want to know more about different breeds of dogs in a fun and friendly way.

More functionality will be available soon.

Do you love dogs? Download Dog Breeds from Google play now and start learning while having fun!

 - Browse and review all breeds
 - More than 170 dog breeds
 - Five different breed categories:
    * All
    * Large
    * Small
    * Popular
    * Smart
 - Learning about origin, size, and temperament of different breeds
 - Customized ending after each quiz
 - Customize a quiz by:
    * Number of questions
    * Dog breed category
 - Regular updates

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